BIRDS N BEASTS INC. is world famous for wildlife shows and appearances, Birds n Beasts Inc. has performed for and/or provided services to a wide range of venues around the world. From television appearances on 6 continents to setting up bird shows as far away as Cairo, Egypt, our advanced style of positive-reinforcement-based training intertwined with an immeasurable compassion for wildlife creates a moving experience for audiences. Our ultimate goal is to move people towards conservation.

Birds n Beasts Inc. bridges the gap between the natural world and humans. The shows we create highlight the relationship between humans and animals and focus on the natural abilities of our animal stars. While we realize that responding to a human is in itself an unnatural behavior, we also highlight the skills specific to each species featured in our shows. We want the child, the teen, the Mom and the Grandfather to all be equally inspired while enjoying our animals perform in a choreographed display of awesomeness. By inviting audiences into our relationship with animals, we help them to feel their own personal desire to get active in some form of conservation effort.

After shows audience members often come up to share their emotional experience with our trainers. When we see a tear in their eye while they ask how they can help, we know we have done our job as interpreters. We strive to bridge the gap between that’s life and the future of the species which emotionally touched them. For others, a laugh at a comical routine or a wow-moment is their awakening to act on behalf of wildlife.

Our personal-relationship, positive-reinforcement approach allows us to create shows in nearly any environment and incorporate the existing landscape into our show routines. Birds n Beasts Inc. also specializes in designing and building portable structures which enhance our animals’ abilities to show off their skills. Creating spectacular, impacting, educational, and inspirational shows is what we do.

A key ingredient to encouraging conservation is how the education is shared. Knowledge and memory make the deepest impression when associated with an emotional experience. Thus, the laughter and tears felt during our shows create long-term impressions which are often the most memorable part of that person’s visit to the zoo or park. This emotional memory can be longer lasting than any static signage or even the most detailed of books. Realizing how our shows create such powerful opportunities then requires great responsibility in making sure the conservation message is subtle but distinct, while also fun and inspiring.

Every day we take the stage hoping we can spark a young audience member to become the next expert conservationist who might solve some of the issues our generation couldn’t, as well as tackle new challenges we are not yet be able to see. From habitat loss to ocean pollution to climate change, wildlife on our planet needs all the warriors possible.